“Nitya”, the Sanskrit word synonymous for “Perpetual” makes our motto “Perpetual Innovations”. Nitya Innovations LLP was formed in Sep 2016, with a focus to initiate “Common and Affordable” Innovative design and development Lab for mid-scale companies for whom having in-house design and development team is not sustainable. Nitya Innovations shall grow to provide such businesses one stop solution for their NPD as well as sustaining product development practices.

Engagement Model

We Provide Product Design Services with below three types of Engagement. The commercial engagement normally starts after scope identification and signing mutual NDA.

1.Conceptualization and Fast Prototyping

In case of "New" product ideas, we start from proposing a "Right" Concept to realize the idea. Most of the new ideas die, as initial conceptualization is not up to mark or the prototyping don't deliver the fundamental value of the Idea. At Nitya Innovations coming up with "Right" Concept is the core strength. After conceptualization, working of the concept to deliver required value is demonstrated by rapid prototyping.

2. Successful Field Trials and Pilot Production

Based on the detail product specifications, required design to deliver those specifications will be tested in our lab and verified if meeting the requirements. We will manufacture Pilot lot by transferring the production know how to identified production facility either in-house or outsourced by end customer. The production lot will help identifying required production process and confirms the process overhead. The Pilot lot will be verified on field to make sure specifications verified in lab are also delivered consistently on the field. After successful field trials of pilot lot the production know how is transferred to end customer for regular production.

3. Support for Product Sustenance and Incremental Technological Advancement

We support our customers for Value Analysis /Value Engineering of existing product functionalities. Incremental developments in product / product functionalities for supporting technology trends to keep competition at par.

Certificate No: DIPP19339